Solenoid valves, fluidic solutions
and innovative core technologies

Solenoid Valves

  Prod 3 Magnetventile 756x492

We offer our solenoid valves - also Plunger valves - in many different versions with optimized versions for almost every application. Our Plunger valves are based on a well-known robust standard technology. The plunger moves vertically in a guide tube (plunger stroke). The defined spring tension of a barrel spring causes the plunger in currentless status to be pressed either in NC-Position (Normally closed) or in NO-Position (Normally open).

This principle may be implemented in various valve versions e.g.: 2-way valve NC, 2-way valve NO, 3-way valve NC, 3-way valve NO.

In powered mode, the field strength generated in the solenoid pulls the plunger against the spring tension out of the non-powered position. Solenoids for DC and AC voltage add considerably to the range of technical variants. As the solenoid encompasses the plunger guide tube and the plunger moves in this encapsulated structure, these solenoid valves are called plunger valves

01 Mv Menue Edelstahl Ventile 222x135

Stainless steel valves

Application: neutral and slightly aggressive liquids, gases and vapors

02 Mv Menue Einbauventile 222x135

Cartridge valves

Application: neutral liquids, gases and vapors

03 Mv Menue Bistabile Ventile 222x135

Bistable valves

Application: neutral liquids, gases and vapors

04 Mv Menue Gasventile 222x135

Gas valves

Application: gases according to DVGW worksheet G 260/I, approval according to EN 161

05 Mv Menue Kunststoffventile 222x135

Plastic valves

Application: neutral and aggressive liquids, gases and vapors

06 Mv Menue Messingventile Aluventile 222x135

Brass valves/aluminum valves

Application: neutral liquids, gases and vapors

07 Mv Menue Mikroventil 222x135

Miniature valve 10 mm

Application: neutral liquids, gases and vapors

08 Mv Menue Vorgesteuerte Ventile 222x135

Servo valves

Application: neutral liquids, gases and vapors

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