Water guards
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Water guards

Automatic leak monitoring!

 Water guard

Water guards are a functional system consisting of electronically actuated solenoid and sensorics. These leak detectors are installed wherever sensitive technology meets electroconductive liquids. This technology is most frequently applied in laboratory facilities as well as for water connections in homes and commercial buildings.

Upon energizing, the control electronics opens the solenoid valve. The sensor can monitor a water film of approximately 0.5 mm and sends a signal to the electronics. The solenoid valve is closed and an audible alarm sounds. This state is reset by interrupting the power supply.

The solenoid valve is installed in the supply line of the water supply. The sensor is located on the floor and is connected by a cable to the water monitor. Magnetic coil and control electronics are installed in a plastic housing. Power is supplied via a mains cable with Schuko adapter.

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# Model Way function Sealing DN
P min
P max
Kv min
MW 202 001 MW 202-001 2-way function NC NBR EPDM FPM 32,00 0,5 10,0 21,00 1,80
MW 202 002 MW 202-002 2-way function NC NBR EPDM FPM 40,00 0,5 10,0 29,50 3,10
MW 202 003 MW 202-003 2-way function NC NBR EPDM FPM 50,00 0,5 10,0 35,00 3,60
MW 252 002 MW 252-002 2-way function NC NBR EPDM FPM 15,00 0,5 10,0 5,60 1,20
MW 262 001 MW 262-001 2-way function NC NBR EPDM FPM 10,00 0,5 10,0 1,20 1,00
MW 262 003 MW 262-003 2-way function NC NBR EPDM FPM 20,00 0,5 10,0 7,60 1,25
MW 272 002 MW 272-002 2-way function NC NBR EPDM FPM 25,00 0,5 10,0 16,80 1,65

All specified values are based on our experience. These approximate values are only applicable for guidance.
Product details as well as expressly stipulated performance characteristics/operational purposes shall not relieve the customer of the need to test and validate the product for the intended purpose.

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