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Spider valves are allocated to the micro valve category (outside diameter 8 mm). In technical terms, spider valves are distinguished by the anchor type design. The anchors installed in the micro valves have the shape of a disk. In energized status, this so-called flat armature is pulled against the magnetic yoke component group.

If the coil is deactivated, the leaf spring joined to the flat armature presses the seal positioned on the spring-armature assembly unit against the valve seat.

These quick-acting valves owing to the small mass of the installed armature achieve switching phases in the millisecond range. As these valves predominantly featuring cartridge connections have an almost frictionless armature movement, they have a capacity of up to 4 billion actuations, depending upon operation mode.

Spider µProp-valves are real proportional valves, in which the armature stroke is proportionally defined by the infinitely-variable current applied. The constant ratio between armature stroke and flow rate thus allows variation of the flow rate by way of the applied current. 

The Spider µProp-valve is available in sizes 8 mm and 15 mm.

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