Customer-specific valve variants

in Medical & Analysis Technology

Valve variants for Medical & Analysis Technology

Be it respirators in the premature infant station, anesthesia machines in intensive care units or micro valves in knee prostheses – reliability is the most critical characteristic of a product in medical engineering. Staiger solenoid valves are state-of-the-art in international medical technology.

Our competencies

The long operational service life and reproducibility of our solenoid valves impressively demonstrates our high quality standards. Application in highly-sensitive environments such as surgery rooms calls for maximum reliability. Our valves are also used in mobile respirators and sleep apnea breathing therapy equipment.


  • respirators
  • anesthesia machines
  • sleep apnea breathing therapy equipment
  • oxygen concentrator
  • incubators
  • pipetting systems

Valves for medical and laboratory technology

Dosing in respirators, anesthesia and dental applications